The basic care needed for Asian Leopard cats is similar to that required for every other cat. For example, feed the cat regularly with a healthy diet, brush their little teeth, and take care of their nails at regular intervals. However, there are times when you have to be careful about the activities and habits of your beloved Leopard cat Following are some points to keep in check:

  • Asian Leopard cats are not portrayed as big shedders and are groomed naturally, still, they should be brushed regularly and adequately to keep their fur coat and skin in the best shape. Be prepared for their occasional baths and special care in case they put themselves in some mess.
  • They love walking and inspecting all things present around them, so make sure you keep all things neat and clean for the wellbeing of your cat.
  • You can keep your Leopard cat busy by providing them special cat-safe toys or interactive toys that they can manage by themselves.
  • Set up the special playroom with few boxes or bags, where your cat can dart in and out or leave some ping pong balls around the house, it’s inexpensive and a great way to keep your Leopard cat You can also refer to the internet to make homemade cat toys.
  • Leopard cats have a special urge for heights and this can be comforted if you have scratching posts, big windows or sturdy climbing trees. So, comfort their demand with high and vertical spaces.
  • Different vet and pet associations recommend keeping cats inside the house to avoid any cut or scratch and contraction of parasites or diseases. Not only this, the restriction is important as they are coveted for their unique leopard appearance and can be stolen too. Additionally, you will be also saving other small animals from becoming their prey.
  • Regular visitation to the vet for checkup and teeth cleaning for good health is highly recommended. You can also ask if your country has provisions for Pet Insurance.

Lastly, not to mention as it is mandatory, shower lots of love and warmth on your Leopard cat as they deserve it and crave for it. Keep on loving them!