Are Bengal Cats Family Friendly?

Are Bengal Cats Family Friendly?SAN JOSE BENGALCATS

Are Bengal Cats Family Friendly?

It is not uncommon when looking for a pet for a couple to disagree on whether to get a cat or a dog. An excellent compromise would be to add a Bengal cat to the family. The Bengal cat is not an ordinary cat. This unique breed of exotic cat has many doglike qualities. The breed was created by crossing an Asian Leopard cat with a domestic cat. This is something that potential owners should remember when considering adding this cat to their family. First, second, and occasionally third generation Bengals possess an inherently wild disposition which may not fit well into a family setting.

However, these earlier generations should not discourage someone from bringing a Bengal into the family. These cats are extremely people oriented and love to be showered with attention. These furry little bundles of energy are highly intelligent, extremely active, and overly social. Because of the excessive energy and desire to be with people, someone who is away from home for extended periods of time should not bring a Bengal cat home. These cats love to play. For those who are away from home for long periods but still want a Bengal kitten, it is recommended to get two Bengal kittens to keep each other company.

When a Bengal cat is ready to play, every one knows it. It is not uncommon to see this cat tearing through the house or climbing up bookcases and on shelves. They will also jump to very tall heights just as countertops without a problem. For this reason, it is recommended not to leave food exposed any longer than necessary. These exotic cats will exert every ounce of energy they have during a play session. The phrase “all or nothing” fits the Bengal cat to a tee. Once they have used up all the energy they have, they will lie down and become very cuddly before falling fast asleep.

A primary concern when bringing a pet into a home is if the animal will get along with children. A Bengal kitten can be an excellent pet for children. Since the Bengal cat has so much energy, they tend to enjoy spending time with children who can keep up with them. Children are also more likely to want to play with the kittens as they grow. This helps both the children and the cats form a special bond that will last throughout the Bengal’s lifetime. However, it is important to teach children how to treat a pet before introducing the cat to the family. Due to the cat’s high intelligence level, they will hold a grudge against anyone who they feel has mistreated them.

Written by: Michelle D. Kellison