Breed Consideration
First, ensure whether the Bengal breed is right for you or not. Our Bengal Kittens are unique among other breeds and are by far more than a life support system for a coat of many colors. These are a cat on their own and you need to spend time learning if they are right for you.  We offer the best breed of the Bengals.


Space Requirement

The curiosity and activity level of this breed makes the cat need more space than any other average catYou may find the oddball that likes to waste his day loafing around, but most will not enjoy that lifestyle and will require more than average space and environmental stimulation.

Current Pets

Our kittens are inborn hunters being the family of the Leopard cat. If you are an aquarist enjoying being with your thousand dollar fishes then the Bengal cat is not the right breed for you. It’s even not suitable to consider any other pet not even Tweety in your home if you have the Bengal breed.

Grooming Needs

Bengals having short hair need less grooming which doesn’t mean there is no effort in keeping them. Like any other cat, they require flea treatment and bathing with an occasional shed of a winter or summer coat.

Activity Level

The Bengals do more exercise than the average cat does. You will be forced out to watch their morning yoga routine. They enjoy walking but never outside off leash outdoors. They like to relax and enjoy themselves in the nearby trees.

You bring home a cat forever not just till he is cute or convenient. Many people don’t look past the moment, into the future, when the little monster needs more than just kitten chow and a cuddle. That is why remember the list above when you think of bringing the Bengal kittens home and make sure you have the right home and owner for this little creature.