The desire to own a wild animal is quite exciting, but the consequences are really alarming. When it comes to a wild cat as a pet, some have taken fishing cats, Leopard cats and caracals to their homes. Due to the risk involved in keeping these wild pets, breeders have used their specialized skills in order to develop new cat breeds. This technique fulfills the desire to have an exotic cat without danger.

Here we have a list of five cat breeds with wild origin. You’ll get amazed after checking out the breeds

leopard cat

1.Bengal Cat:

This is an older breed than others mentioned below in the list. It is derived from a wild cat hybrid. It’s a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard Cat. Generally, Bengal cats are large cats having distinctive markings on their body. They are now considered as good house pets. If you have to get a Bengal kitten, visit


This breed is created by crossing a house cat with an African Serval. The original hybrid is considered as too wild. Savannah is the largest of all domestic cats. It can leap great distances. In some states, it is illegal to own this cat. When it comes to their nature, we can call them intelligent and curious.


This breed was developed from hybrids of the Felis chaus found in Asia. This breed of cat can grow up to 3 feet long and 35 pounds of weight. Normally, they are around 18 pounds.


It’s a new breed of house cat. It looks more like a wild cat than other cats; still, it’s a gentle house pet. It was developed by crossing Bengal and Ocicat. It’s a large cat having leopard-like spots.


This breed began as a result of natural copulate. They have black legs, and thick double coats. They are often stone-faced like a wild cat and loyal too