Bengal cats for sale

Cats are social creatures on the whole and we love them as a good companion. Cats are highly intelligent and active, especially, the Bengal kittensThey love to play games and enjoy playing in the water. If you are acquainted with a routine and suddenly you find something changed, you may get upset. Similarly, your existing cat may get astonished with the introduction of a new cat or kitten. It may not be a big thing from your perspective, but it may be a huge change from a feline point of view. If you want to make the process smooth and minimize the risk of problems, check the below-mentioned tips.

Bengal cats are really social animals. They love to play, fondle, and get on with each other. There is no harm keeping more than one cat in your home. Rarely might you get two cats that really don’t play with each other at all. If you want to re-home one of them, offer each one of them with their own separate spaces. In most of the cases, it is easy to introduce a kitten to your existing cat. You can also introduce a cat of the opposite sex to each other as long as both are castrated. Apart from the above, there are also a few things that you should do before you introduce your new cat to the existing one.

Create a kitty room:

If you have enough space in your home, create a kitty room in advance for your new cat. Gather a water bowl, litter tray, food bowl, bedding, and toys. It will be the new home for your kitty at least for a few days. Make sure that it is comfortable and non-breakable.

Things to do upon arrival:

Take the kitty straight away to its room, because it might get overwhelmed by all the new sights and smell around. Stay with the cat as long as you feel is appropriate. At the same time don’t forget to leave plenty of time to your existing cat.

Things to remember:

  • Never force a cat to get on the existing one
  • If you have a new kitten, make sure that it feels comfortable with your existing cat
  • It might take one or two days or a week in several cases to get on with each other if they don’t feel endangered.
  • Reward your cats after their first meeting
  • Never shout at one cat if they misbehave or do not act as you would like them to