It isn’t that difficult to keep your Bengal kitten happy, as long as you spend time with him. This beautiful Bengal cat is high energy and naturally a good-natured feline. Some of that energy comes from his Asian leopard cat ancestors of a few generations back.


A Bengal cat won’t be happy if no one is home during much of the day. He likes company, and he likes action. He’ll channel it in some other way, so give him lots of toys, that will do it!

Water, Water Everywhere

Except in their drinking bowls, most cats loathe water. Not the Bengal cat. they like nothing more than playing in running water, In the swimming pool, they might join their owner.

Clean, fresh water and hours of entertainment are made available to him with an automatic pet drinking fountain. The domestic Bengal inherited that trait of fishing from its ancestor the Asian leopard cat.

Jumping Is Such Fun

Breakables from high shelves must be removed if the Bengal is welcomed home. The Bengals are high jumpers and its likely nothing in your house is too high for him to conquer. A lot of places such as cat trees for acceptable climbing must be allowed to him. He’ll also enjoy a window perch.

Out For a Walk

The Bengal cat must be taken out and trained to walk on a leash and take outdoors. To make him he receive lots of fresh air and fantasize about catching birds and other wildlife, the cat must be provided with an enclosed run.

Tricks and Games

The Bengal is a smart cat that enjoys learning tricks. He also likes to play games with its owner. Its perennial favorite is fetching.

Bengals usually get along well with other pets. Two Bengals might seem more than one can handle. They should play with each other a great deal. An affable dog also makes a great Bengal companion.