Keeping your Bengal kitten happy isn't overly challenging, as long as you invest time and attention in them. These striking cats are high-energy and generally have a good-natured disposition, traits inherited from their Asian leopard cat ancestors a few generations back.

Bengal cats thrive on companionship and activity, so they may become unhappy if left alone for long periods. They enjoy interaction and stimulation, so providing plenty of toys can help positively channel their energy.

Unlike most cats, Bengals often have a fascination with water. They enjoy playing in running water and may join their owners in the swimming pool. Providing clean, fresh water and entertainment, such as an automatic pet drinking fountain, can keep them engaged and satisfied.

Due to their natural athleticism, Bengal cats are exceptional jumpers. It's essential to remove breakable items from high shelves and provide acceptable climbing spaces, such as cat trees or window perches, to satisfy their climbing instincts.

Bengals also benefit from outdoor activities, such as leash training and supervised walks. Access to an enclosed outdoor space allows them to enjoy fresh air and engage in their natural hunting instincts in a safe environment.

These intelligent cats enjoy learning tricks and playing games with their owners, with fetching being a favorite pastime. Bengals typically get along well with other pets, and having a companion can provide additional socialization and entertainment for them. Having a playmate can enhance their overall well-being and happiness, whether it's another Bengal or a friendly dog.