Why Do Cats Like High Places?

Cats enjoy perching in high places for a variety of reasons. Firstly, being elevated gives them a sense of dominance and control, making them feel like they're the boss.

Our feline friends have inherited this behavior from their wild ancestors and find comfort in observing their surroundings from above. Being up high also helps them feel secure and gives them a vantage point to defend themselves if necessary.

Additionally, high spots are often warm, which cats find cozy and inviting. Furthermore, being elevated keeps them away from the hustle and bustle of everyday activities, allowing them to relax and stay calm.

After scratching, climbing is the second nature of cats. Even San Jose Bengal kittens for sale don’t miss a chance to test their climbing skills on trees. Wild cats typically climb to reach their prey perched high above in trees. Another reason for their climbing behavior is to gain an advantage over other animals, as cats dislike having to look up high, which is why they hate birds.

Domestic cats often claw at tree trunks to leave their mark, asserting their territory. Whether domestic or wild, cats share a love for climbing and possess a strong innate passion for it. They scale trees with a sense of strategy as if hunting or escaping from a pursuer.

Wondering about the Bengals?

Once you've decided to bring Bengal kittens into your home as pets, it's important to understand some of their characteristics to determine the type of companionship you'll experience:

  • They have a fiery temperament-  Descended from leopard cats, Bengals possess a spirited nature. However, they can also exhibit gentleness, striking a balance between their wild ancestry and domestication.
  • Playfulness abounds- Bengals are known for their boundless energy and love for playtime. Engaging in regular play sessions with your Bengal is not only enjoyable for both of you but also essential for their physical and mental well-being. While play may sometimes become vigorous, it's crucial to remember that Bengals prefer gentle handling.
  • They enjoy attention- Despite their active nature, Bengals also have a fondness for seeking attention and affection from their owners. However, they may not be the typical lap cats, as they prefer to interact with you in their unique way.

Early socialization is key- Introducing your Bengal kittens to other household pets and children at a young age is crucial for fostering positive relationships. Allowing them ample time to interact and acclimate to their surroundings helps them become well-adjusted members of the family.