Why Cats Like High Places?
The reasons are: Position at a height symbolizes dominance and control. Thus the cats like to sit at the top to feel like a boss.

This feline friend of yours has descended from the wilds and has adopted many of its characteristics from nature. By sitting at the top cats are more comfortable to observe what is going around them and at sometimes this place at height helps to defend them.

Usually, the highest places are warm and a cat loves to be in a warm place.

Being at a height keeps them away from other actions going around making them calm.

Climbing Nature of Cat

After scratching climbing is the second trait of cats. Even the Kittens for sale don’t mDSC_7724 (616 x 408)iss a chance to try on their skill of climbing trees. Generally, the wild cats climb to get hold of their prey sitting at the top of a tree. The other reason for their climbing is to look down on other animals, as they hate looking up high for which they hate birds.  The domestic cats claw at the tree trunks to leave their mark on the tree. May it be a domestic or wild cat in both cases cats love to climb and they have a strong passion to climb. They climb trees as if it’s a strategy of hunting or they are being chased by someone.

Wondered about the Bengals

Once you have decided to have Bengal kittens for sale as pets then you should be aware of some of its traits to know which type of companionship you are in:

It has hot blood: Since their ancestor is the leopard cat they have hot blood. But still, they are somewhat gentle.

Playful: They are quite energetic and love to play almost all the time. It is healthy for both the owner and the cat to play with each other. Sometimes playing may become rough, but remember they don’t like to be handled roughly.

They are lap cats: Because of their wild and casual side, they are fond of getting your attention and care in their own way. Being an active breed they are not the kind of lap cats.

Introduce them while they are young:  You can put your domestic cat and child in one room and should give them ample time to spend with. If possible you should introduce the children to the Bengal kittens for sale as early as possible.