This is probably the most debatable topic among cat owners. There are strong views both against and for as to whether to let a cat roam freely or not. This is, of course, a big decision for all cat owners. Whether it’s Bengal cats, Leopard cats, Cheetah cats, or Savannah cats, each breed has some unique tendencies that need to be considered as part of the decision-making process.

Why should you let your cat go outside?
Positive factors:
All species of cats are free-spirited. Most of them are energetic and need enough space to run and hunt. They love to do what comes naturally to them. These cats are self-reliant and can look after themselves. They don’t like to be cooped up inside a room all day or live like a human slave. If you are buying Bengal kittens, you have to make sure that they are always happy. When they get bored, it leads to behavioral problems, like aggression, inappropriate spraying, and naughtiness.
Negative factors:

If you compare free cats with indoor cats, there will be several differences and dissimilarities. Free cats live much less than indoor kitties because they die in road traffic accidents or are attacked by other cats and wild animals. Although some cats are intelligent, they fail to survive in negative conditions. Another problem is the risk of theft.

So, what to do?

If you want to leave your cat outside, you have to consider the personality of your pet and the area where you live. Check out the below-mentioned tips, if you decide to let your cat roam freely.

–  Don’t let them go outside until they are 6 months old
– Make sure that males are away from fights and females are away from intercourse
– Make sure that they are fully vaccinated
– Avoid releasing them during the night
– Get them microchipped
Apart from the above, you can give them complete freedom by building an outdoor enclosure. You can also train them before making them free.