Picking out Bengal Kittens can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life. But, you should take care that it is the right decision made, because it could end up breaking your heart. You need tons of time and patience to make the Kittens work. And, if you don’t have this investm

ent, your experiment could end very badly for you and your pet. This is an animal that is neither truly tame nor truly wild, but in fact is somewhere in between. The grey area offered to those who desire an

exotic pet that is only enjoyed by those who really understand the needs of these beautiful hybrids.

Personality Traits:

Bengal cat’s personality is just too vigorous and they usually don’t like to be constrained. If you have kids teach them to respect the freedom of your Bengal cat and not to constrain it. They like to play and be around your family members. They will also treat kids nicely if handled properly.
These cats are very devoted to the owner and are in strike contrast to your ordinary aloof cats. They always want to be the center of attention. However this particular personality trait puts a toll on their owners. You need to observe them by looking at this devotion and love.
In this respect the nature of Bengal Kittens is very similar to dogs. As they possess the same loyalty, love and fidelity to their owners as dogs do.
Rarely can you find a cat breed that follows you around, likes playing is not forbidding and can even be trained to do tricks.
These are very tiresome, due to the amount of energy they expend. Plus they are rarely less than consummate hunters; therefore predation is a large part of their nature.
They are quirky, demanding, entertaining and altogether marvelous cats, as long as you know what to expect.
Many Bengal cats adore the water, and will fish willingly if allowed. Although this personality trait may not necessarily apply to all cats it is still wide spread enough to be considered a general trait of this breed.