Bengal kittens and cats are relatively healthy and live an average lifespan of 12 to 16 years if taken with proper care. These wildlife-originated cats are full of energy and are playful all the time, therefore if they fall sick or get hurt, the environment becomes quite traumatizing. These Bengal kittens are not very prone to illness, still, the most common illness claimed by the Bengal Kittens for Sale suppliers and owners include the health issues as written below:

  • Eye Problems – The most common eye disorders in a feline are conjunctivitis (pink eye) and cataracts, where the lens becomes opaque and starts losing its natural transparency causing blurred vision.
  • Lymphoma – It is a common type of cancer found in the cat’s lymphocytes, which are white blood cells that normally function in the immune system and are found throughout the body.
  • Ear Infection – This is a common Bengal kitten ailment, which can be treated easily with vet-prescribed ear drops, especially if caught early.
  • Stomach Problems – Vomiting and tummy issues direct towards a series of health issues starting from pancreatitis to nibbling of harmful plants to food poisoning.
  • Loss of Weight – An unintentional drop in weight indicates an underlying medical problem or disease like anorexia, or anxiety or may be due to a change in routine.
  • Urinary Disorders – The issue of bloody and discolored urine can be due to feline lower urinary tract disorder (FLUTD), feline

Other than the aforementioned conditions, behavioral changes are also claimed by the cat owners and Bengal kittens for sale suppliers. These issues arise if Bengal cats don’t get the high level of commitment they typically require. So, be careful about the cat and kitten’s medications, behavioral changes, and treatments.