The Bengal Cats:
As far as kittens go, Bengal kittens have their pros and cons. They are a fantastic pet, but only if you know beforehand that what exactly you are getting into. When the Bengal Kittens for Saletoo many people just run out and buy a pet without thought for whether it is the right pet for their home or not. And a Bengal cat is certainly not right for everybody. Take a quick look at the things, everyone should know before they jump into this breed, you will never in your life regret the time you took to make sure you made the right choice.
Bengal Kittens
Bengal cats are a new breed, cross-bred with a wildcat. Their spotted or marbled coat is soft and thick; they have a large, sleek muscular build, rounded slighted long face, oval eyes and thick tail. They have an enviable, exotic appearance without the wild temperament of their much larger untamed ancestors.



Brief History:

As the story goes, Jean Sugden Mills, around 1982 bred a domestic cat with a feral Indian Mau. At about the same time, Greg and Elizabeth Kent started their own breed of Bengal Cats using an Egyptian Mau. Both Jean Mills and the Kent worked hard to popularize this breed. And in 1986, The International Cat Association adopted the first written breed standard. Today the Bengal Kittens for Sale are the most popular registered cat breed.

Physical Appearance:

Bengal came from the taxonomic name of the Asian Leopard Cats (ALC) and not from the more widely known Bengal Tiger species, which is unrelated to the Bengal Cats ancestry. These cats have a series of horizontal stripes on their faces, known as mascara, which extend along the eye to the back of the neck. Their back and sides are marked with spots like those of a jaguar, and the rest of the body, legs and tail, are marked with symmetrical stripes. The spots sometimes have a marbled appearance and are generally made up of two colors.

Varieties of Fur:

The following colors and patterns of fur are recognized as Bengal Cats and therefore eligible for competition; Brown Spotted Tabby, Brown Marbled, Seal Mink Spotted, Seal Sepia Marbled Tabby, and etc