Bengal kitten colors and Bengal Cats are available in the basic colors silver, brown, and snow. Genetically, the color variation in Bengals is not complex and is easily determined by the breeder, considering the recessive and the dominant. Genetic color testing is also an option.

Silver Bengals

A fact related to silver Bengal kittens is that silver is not a real color rather it is due to a lack of color. It is a result of Inhibitor genes in silver cats. When the breeding is done between silver American Short-hair cats and Bengal cats, the outcome is silver Bengal. The variety ranges from heightened steel gray to lightest white gray. With maturity, the markings get darkened. The eye color may be green, gold, or brown.

Brown Bengals

The brown-coated Bengals are widely accepted all over the world. Shades are many starting from cream to tawny or golden to caramel or buff to red and more variations are seen in between! The term ‘rufous’ is specifically used for the Bengals with orange or red body fur and ‘cool-brown’ is the term used for the ones having no red tones on their fur. The pattern spotted on them is black or dark brown and eye colors are golden or green.

Snow Bengals

This particular color was introduced by the cats, Burmese and Siamese. They are widely accepted as a registered color to access the production of Snow Bengals kittens. There are three distinct color variations under the Snow Bengal category.

  • Seal Sepia: This color is an output of the Burmese cross. They are born with visible patterns and mostly have cute round ears which is due to the Burmese cats.
  • Seal Lynx:  This is an outcome of a Siamese cross. Lynx kittens have the lightest patterns or have no patterns while they are born, but with maturity, patterns start to emerge. They are the only breed with blue eyes.
  • Seal Mink: This is a blend of seal lynx and seal sepia. They possess green or aqua-colored eyes and have cream-colored fur with brown markings.

The Dilutes

They are the ones with the absence of black in their body. In this category blue, cinnamon, chocolate, lilac, and fawn are the colors available from the breeder.

Options are many, but the choice is yours! Ask the breeder to get you the one, you like the most.