Bengal cats are always active and playful. They are a lot of fun to live with and this breed is definitely not for everyone. If you love Bengals, check out kittens for sale online and buy one from a reputable breeder. Normally, Bengals are intelligent and love to interact with others. They are capable of taking things apart and opening drawers in your home. They also look for interesting toys and food available to them.

Here we have detail about their personality and health. Let’s have a look.

Bengal Cat Personality:

A Bengal cat loves his master and it can do anything to get his/her attention. This cat looks wild and beautiful with their leopard like patches. They love to climb and play in the water, so you shouldn’t be surprised by his activities. You may install a motion-sensitive faucet in your bathroom or kitchen to help him turn on the water for himself.

What else you can do? You can make their life interesting by teaching and training them regarding some tricks, games and interactive puzzles. Always try to have a kitten from an early age. It will be easy for you to train your pet and ensure it has nice temperaments.


Each and every cat has the potential to develop a range of health problems; still, most of the breeders take of their kittens to make sure that they stay away from diseases or infections. While buying kittens, you have to make sure that it is healthy and the breeder follows proper vaccination.

Normally, Bengals are affected by infectious diseases, including feline infectious peritonitis and Tritrichomonas foetus . In some cases, they are also affected by hereditary health issues, but DNA tests are now being conducted to remove affected cats from the breeding pool.

If you are buying kittens from a responsible breeder like, you don’t have to worry

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